IPF would work to provide at least basic essentials of life include “care” to those fleeing their mother land whilst facing deadly unfavorable environment. IPF would try to facilitate these immigrants facing tyranny of their present while they managed to reach at borders of various developed countries in search of escape of oppression.

The organisation shall try to carry out surveys all over the world to establish how many innocent political workers/immigrants are imprisoned particularly in underdeveloped countries and work to bring freedom to them working with in law frame of relative country.

The organization will share this information with relating Human Rights Organisation to make efforts release of these imprisoned political/ immigrants and provide relief as much as possible involving appropriate authorities using legal framework.

International Political Forum will organize Seminars, workshops and awareness increasing events to establish the need of work and develop awareness on the need of stopping this injustice with political workers and immigrants.

The organisation will work to develop integration, interactivities and exchange of views events between religious communities leading to reduction of involvement if youth in terroristic activities in the name of religion.

An annual report on above mentioned subjects will be published and shared with various influential authorities and organisations to work for the welfare of political workers, immigrants particularly and to work to reduce injustice at all level and in all over the world in general.

IPF would start researching to find the measures leading to help the youth to stay away from religious motivation to join unwanted non healthy activities flowing from religious fundamental ideology. Organisation will make youth be averting of the effects of terrorism, refrain indulging them into terrorism and develop health activities as alternate.

The organization strongly intend to work to eliminate terrorism in the name of religious particularly, work to reduce poverty, to highlight the socio-economic injustice and suggest the means of articulation of these flaw/ weaknesses helping to eradicate.